Mindful Masturbation 101

Here at Blewit, we’re all about mindful masturbation. But what exactly does that mean? Here are the basics:

First, take a minute to think about your masturbation habits. A lot of guys find something that works for them and pretty much stick to the same routine and technique. And since these routines are usually developed when you’re young and getting off before getting caught is a priority, rushing to orgasm is often the main goal.

So in other words, it’s a pretty mindless process and many of us never really stop to think about it. This is the first step towards a more mindful approach to masturbation – starting to think about it as an important part of your sex life and a tool that you can use to experience more pleasure solo and with a partner.

Using a repetitive routine and the same goal of a quick orgasm that you had as a teenager may still feel good – and there’s nothing wrong with it, masturbation is normal and healthy and awesome – but there are a lot of benefits to trying a new approach. You can set new goals and turn masturbation into a form of training to help you last longer during sex, learn more about what you like so you can share that with partners, and make your body more responsive.

Here are a few easy ways to get started:

  • Set a new goal – taking your time and lasting longer, experimenting with a different type of stimulation, trying to discover a new technique that you like, or anything else that will help you approach the whole experience differently
  • Switch up the basics of your routine – a different position or location or even time of day from whatever you normally do
  • Focus on what you’re feeling in your entire body – mindfulness teaches you to become more aware of sensations in your body, which is a skill that has obvious benefits in the bedroom
  • Rethink your accessories – add lube if you normally don’t use it, and if porn is part of your routine try skipping it sometimes to see if you feel less distracted. If you usually use a sex toy to masturbate, try going without it or try a different type of toy. And if you usually just use your hand, try incorporating some toys into your routine.



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