Quick Tip: Ditch The “Death Grip”

Even if you’ve never heard terms like “death grip syndrome”, many of you will know what I’m talking about here. A lot of guys use a very firm grip while masturbating, and while there’s nothing wrong with that as long as you’re not irritating your skin, it can create a situation where you have a difficult time reaching orgasm without that amount of pressure. This obviously poses some challenges when you’re with a partner and you want your body to respond to a variety of stimulation.

It’s not just an Olympian-going-for-gold-on-the-high-bar grip that can cause problems, but any super specific and repetitive masturbation technique, or what experts sometimes refer to as “idiosyncratic masturbation”. It’s like you’re training your body to “need” that unique technique to orgasm, which can be very different from what you feel with a partner.

The more responsive your body is to different types of sensation, the better your sex life will be, so experiment with varying levels of pressure and different types of touch. If you have an idiosyncratic technique, try retiring it for awhile and focus on retraining your body to like variety logo

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